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Company Info


My name is Ron Holt, Owner of Academy Press, a printing company dedicated to providing the best service and products possible. My staff is trained to use both offset and digital technology. 

In the past, printing companies have used offset printing presses to produce the majority of their work, but with customers moving to a just-in-time business model, things have changed. Our customers are ordering less each time and need it more quickly than ever before. We are equipped to accommodate this demand for quicker turn-around. You let us know when your deadline is and we will do everything in our power to meet it. Should we feel we are unable meet your deadline; we will let you know upfront. We evaluate your needs to find the most cost effective way to print your job. Then we use traditional offset or digital, which ever makes the most sense or at your request, you may chose the method you prefer.

We suggest offset printing for cost savings in those higher volume jobs: Black ink of 2000 copies or for four-color orders of greater than 500 copies. Sometimes other factors may play a more important roll: time limitations or the use of variable data could dictate how a job would need to be printed. We use fast and efficient digital printers for our digital printing and Heidelberg equipment for our offset work. Heidelberg is known in the printing industry for providing the best print quality possible.

Digital printing started with the first laser printers and has expanded to include printers that have come to rival the offset printing press. Often, professional printers have difficulty determining which way a printed piece was produced.

At Academy Press our staff is proficient in the use of the latest software. We keep our equipment up to date so we can provide you the best possible quality and service.

Our company is affiliated with C-Print International a franchise dedicated to providing a higher level of quality and service to our customers and employees.

Please feel free to look at some of our other WebPages on Our Equipment, Values, and Products. If you have any questions are concerns, please contact us.


Ron Holt